The Smith Family | Plainfield IL Family Photography

I could have eaten them all up; especially Jack.  He kind of had my heart when he picked me a perfect little dandelion. After he handed it to me,  his eyes disappeared into identical little crescents from smiling so big, and his cherubic little face was grinning from ear to ear.

Leona and Nina!  Oh my sweetness… and oh how my heart melts for twins.  I have no idea how their mom Lori is even big enough to carry two babies at once because she’s so tiny!  I know Lori from working at the most favorite job I’ve ever had way back in high school.  Lori and I worked together at Krage’s Mobil in Addison in the mid 90’s.  I’m not sure how I was ever able to convince my parents to let me work at a gas station alone at night as a teenager, but those were some of the best days of my high school years.  (and I was only robbed once ;o)

It’s been YEARS since I’ve seen Lori… and I am again so thankful for all the ways that photography allows me to connect with so many people that have been, and that are still, a part of my life!  I had so much fun photographing Lori and Ryan’s family.

It’s my pleasure to introduce the Lori and Ryan… and the little Smith’s to you!



Don’t keep saying “one day” you’ll get family photos taken… book a session with us now!  Message me at for details about booking with us this summer, or call the studio at 815-556-8932 and ask for me!

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